THURSDAY, February 23, 2017 Cocktail Hour

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: West Shore Country Club
Speaker: Joel Weintraub

Humor for the Health of It by Joel Weintraub

Physiologist, Humorist and Neuroscience Researcher 
Making technical and scientific information entertaining and understandable 
Laugh and Learn While You Experience the Relationship Between Education and Humor

Money Management and Behavioral Economics for Investing for the Future

Applied Behavioral Science


The History of the Stock Market and How to Minimize Risk

Tips for Having Your Clients Stay the Course by Appreciating the Benefits of Bear and Bull Markets

Did you ever notice your clients eyes glaze over when you discuss asset allocation? To a fearful investor this concept has all the meaning of a cliche'. In order for clients to feel confident being in the market, they have to understand the history of market fluctuations with examples of how to minimize risk. This program will give you the tools necessary to calm your investors fears during bear markets and turbulent headlines.


Behavioral Economics and the Three Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Save and Invest for the Future

Buy high, sell low. What would ever convince us to design such an investment scheme? Don’t blame it on the pre-frontal cortex, the section of the brain responsible for logical investing. Surprisingly it’s the amygdala, the emotional section of the brain, which is one of the reasons why a majority of novice and even a few “seasoned” investors seem to consistently come up short. Discover how the amygdala constantly interferes with investor logic and profit. Learn about the amygdala so it no longer has power over you and can no longer interfere with intelligent investment decisions.


What's on and in Your Mind? Explore the Anatomy and Pharmacology of the Brain and it's Influence on Spending and Addictive Personalities

Did you ever wonder why some people can handle money effortlessly while others are constantly in a losing battle? You might even be close friends or related to someone who becomes overcome with “shoppers high”. This one-hour program will delve into the mysteries of the brain. Understand how spending addictions can sneak up on us and control our behavior. Discover how learning about the inner workings of the brain can help us understand our own spending and investing behavior and how we all can become financially independent. The brain and money! Spend more time learning about why we do what we do.

Who is Joel Weintraub?

Joel Weintraub, M.Ed., B.S. is a “humorous educator” who has managed to merge the formerly disparate worlds of comedy and education. By combining his professional comedy experience with his masters degree in Physiology and bachelors in Health Education from Temple University, Joel has entertained and educated diverse audiences such as Accountants, Attorneys, Church groups, Higher Education Faculty and Staff, Physicians, Synagogues and even Burglar Alarm Installers. From the “World Bank” to Dangerfield’s Comedy Club to major radio stations, the local news and the Food Channel … they have all laughed and learned with “Humor for the Health of It”


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