November Luncheon: "The Digital Afterlife"

Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Time: 11:45am - 1:30pm
Location: West Shore Country Club
Speaker: Lee Poskanzer

The Digital Afterlife- A Look at Digital Property and the Impact on Client Portfolios

Technology has made our lives easier. We’re doing so much online from communicating to banking and investing, to running businesses. No longer a novelty, the internet and digital property are now a critical part of just about everything we do. It’s how we communicate.  We have email, visit friends through social media, look for love, shop, bank and even invest.

However, with all the benefits technology has delivered, it’s added challenges and complexities to the wealth and T&E communities. Unlike physical property, digital assets don’t have paper records making them likely to be lost, hidden, inaccessible, expire and being deleted. Additionally, online accounts and digital property are bound by several governing authorities, including privacy laws and custodian Terms of Service Agreements, that can prevent access to needed data, logs, and contents.

A client’s holdings are growing in volume and becoming more diversified, place new demands on advisors to get it right. That makes the job of preparing and managing estate and wealth portfolios harder.

Through The Digital Afterlife presentation, Lee Poskanzer, CEO of Directives Communication Systems will address the many facets of digital assets that impact planning and administration strategies. Areas to be examined include client online behavior and their expectations, digital content provider (website and app owners) culture, and impacting regulations and policies that effect portfolio management.  We’ll also look at how innovation can quickly and dramatically change even the best laid plans.  This program is for anyone wanting to get an edge and understanding for dealing with digital property.

About Lee Poskanzer:  

Lee Poskanzer is the CEO of Directive Communication Systems (DCS), a technology company delivering digital assets property succession management solutions for stakeholders involved with an individual’s death. Lee has successfully led product innovation change at Fortune 500 companies including American Express, Safeway, PolyGram and Staples that evolved to industry standards and practices. With the launch of DCS, Lee’s areas of expertise include legal tech, fintech, entertainment, and consumer services.

Lee is an established and respected authority on the digital afterlife having contributed to and appeared in several articles and features for leading press including LexisNexis, Wall Street Journal,,, CNET, Insurance News, Trust and Estates Magazine and IAPP Buzz.

Mr. Poskanzer has also led CLEs for the American Bar Association, ACTEC, STEP International, ON and BC Estate Forums, WealthCounsel, several state and local Bar Associations, NAEPC chapters and other industry associations.

DCS has been recognized with The National Law Journal’s Trailblazer Award for accomplishments in legal technology and the United Nations’ World Summit Award in the area of sustainability.

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