Continuing Ed. Joint Meeting with FPA Central PA

Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Time: 12:00pm - 5:15pm
Location: West Shore Country Club plus webinar
Speaker: Jeffrey Levine from

Jeffrey Levine In Person with Continuing Education Credits! 

Cocktail Hour only option now available! 

"Estate Planning for the Merely Affluent"

Updated For New Tax Law!
In recent years, the rise of the Federal estate tax exemption has dramatically reduced the scope of “traditional” estate planning. Nevertheless, financial advisors can continue to provide an extraordinary amount of value in the overall estate planning process. In this session we’ll explore the paradigm shift in end-of-life tax planning, which has changed the focus from estate tax minimization, to basis management and planning to minimize income tax liability. We’ll also explore how the rise of the digital world has created a new wrinkle for estate planning: how to effectively transition “digital” assets, which may include assets with a monetary value, as well as assets with “just” personal or sentimental value, such as social media profiles and digital photos, and online subscriptions.

"Trusts as Beneficiaries of IRAs"

As the use of trusts in estate planning becomes increasingly popular for both tax and non-tax reasons, and clients continue to accumulate more and more assets in retirement accounts, the use of trusts as beneficiaries of IRAs is increasing desirable and necessary. Unfortunately, though, the rules pertaining to IRAs payable to a trust after death are complex and challenging. In this session, we will explore the unique requirements for IRAs to preserve and maximize their tax deferral after death when a trust is the beneficiary, with details about the rules for trusts to qualify for the IRA’s post-death tax deferral “stretch,” how to calculate the actual post-death required minimum distributions for the trust, and examples of specific wording from sample trusts.

Applications are being submitted for Credits: 3.5 CPA, CFP, PA Insurance: 4.0 CTFA, 3.0 PA Bar (NOTE PA BAR credits for in person only)


12:00 Registration and Lunch

12:45 Announcements

1-4:15 pm Jeffrey Levine

4:15-5:15 Cocktail Hour


Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP, AIF, CWS, MSA

Jeffrey Levine is the Lead Financial Planning Nerd for, and is also the President of Fully Vested Advice, Inc., which provides financial education and consulting services to industry professionals.

Jeffrey is also the Chief Planning Officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners and works closely with their team to create a seamless client experience that makes it easy to plan and instill confidence as they work towards their most important goals. He serves as a technical resource for advisors and the firm’s primary thought leader regarding evidence-based planning concepts and strategies. Buckingham allows him to train and educate hundreds of advisors and support them in their pursuit of helping clients fulfill their financial dreams.

He is a nationally-recognized and award-winning thought leader within the financial planning community.

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